Semi-gloss finish paints for home

The semi-gloss finish is what provides greater shine and intense reflections. Indicated for
surfaces without imperfections, looking good on doors, jambs and windows. Before, there
were only solvent-based versions, but nowadays water-based glossy paints are already
Its cost is higher than that of PVA latex paint, however, its strength and durability justify the
Painter house interior
Due to these properties, acrylic paints are always recommended for painting in hospitals,
wards, outpatient clinics and pharmaceutical, food and other environments that require a high
level of asepsis and sanitization.
When it comes to yield, some brands have practically the same yield between the two types of
paint, with an average of 200 to 350 m2 per coat.
The application is the same for both, changing only the amount of water used in the dilution.
On average in PVA Latex, the dilution is 50% of water while for acrylic latex paint it is 10 to
Now there are no more doubts!
We’ll talk more about other types of inks in future posts.