Home paints: application of spackle

Lincoln house painting ne Infinity Pro
Apply the spackle
With a trowel and with the help of a spatula for the corners, apply the spackle. It serves to plug
holes that may have remained in the wall.
After that, let it dry for two or three hours. Pass the sandpaper to leave the surface smooth for
once. Apply the sealer over the putty again.
Apply the first coat
Open the can and make the recommended dilution with the solvent base, mixing so that the
product is uniform, according to the instructions on the packaging.
Pour some paint into the application tray. Dip the roll and remove the excess to prevent it
from being soaked. Ideally, you should have protected the floor and furniture first by covering
it with old sheets and newspapers. If you are going to paint ceiling and walls, it is best to start
with the ceiling.
Apply on the desired surface, in uniform movements, up and down, going through the entire
length of the wall. For the corners, the ideal is that you use a smaller brush – the roller does
not guarantee a good application in that part.