There, Swiss cuisine offers traditional raclete cheese, for example, or fondue, the flagship of the house.

Considering that Valentine’s Day falls close to the beginning of winter, it would be the
perfect occasion to combine the useful with the pleasant: eating fondue enjoying the best
wines of Serra Gaúcha on a cool night. Facing Lake Joaquina Bier, with glass walls that
take advantage of the view and exposed bricks, the Bouquet Garni makes the client
feel at home in the mountains.
The lighting also helps to create the mood, with candles on the tables and low lamps
hanging from the ceiling.
The menu of the house is under the command of Chef Fred dos Anjos and highlights the
Mediterranean cuisine, offering game and other traditional meats, seafood and the
classic fondue of the Serra Gaúcha.
After Gramado, it is worth stretching your tour a little and also getting to know these
romantic restaurant options in Porto Alegre.
Romantic restaurants need to be chic, pompous, right? Wrong!
O Lorita is living proof of that.
He is tiny, literally inside the house of the couple Peter and Roberta Knoblich, with tables
by candlelight and heated by a fireplace.
He is the chef responsible for the fusion cuisine menu (gastronomy that mixes influences
from all over the world).