The preparation of pastries and cuisine is made with ingredients selected directly and shipped from Sicily.

Italian Restaurant: Mizzica

Welcome to Mizzica in Rome
Mizzica brings a little bit of Sicily to the capital. A stone’s throw from Piazza Bologna, Mizzica
offers connoisseurs of good food the tastiest recipes of Catalan cuisine. And it does it in a
special world! Because Mizzica brings the scents and flavors of Sicily directly to your balconies
in Rome. Even the qualified Mizzicavem staff of the region, to accompany each dish with a passion for
the long Sicilian culinary tradition. These are the ingredients that make Mizzica’s dishes the
authentic products of Sicilian culinary culture, with a wide choice of sweets, snacks and
Coffee shop
Hunger comes when you least expect it. Mizzica is able to satisfy all tastes and all kinds of
culinary fantasies. If you’re looking for saliva, if it’s lunchtime, if it’s break time.
Mizzica’s hot table.
Every day we offer our customers the best tasty arancini, rustic specialties (cartotacciate) of
various flavors, sfoglio, Sicilian bread, Sicilian pizzas of various flavors, first Sicilian dishes.
Our pastry is the fruit of Mizzica’s passion. Every day we offer our customers Sicilian cannoli,
cassata, almond paste of various flavors, customizable cakes for birthdays and events.
Connoisseurs can be seen from the ice cream. More and more, the tastes and preferences of
those who love healthy and healthy food are turning to genuine ingredients, quality
preparations, original products and unique flavours.