The opposite happens with the shine, the model highlights the texture of the surface where it was applied.

“Nowadays it is already possible to find water-based enamel paint, but
the finish is not so smooth and in comparison it is less durable than
the original version”, explains Fernanda. Indicated only for indoor
environments, the latex paint is water-based and quick drying. It is a
great choice for application on plaster, it has characteristics of
resistance to mildew, but it has a slight odor. When painting, it is
important to make sure that the application surface is clean.
Due to its high resistance to friction, epoxy paint is the best option for
high circulation environments, such as garages, hospitals, sports
courts and schools. Its application goes beyond the walls, it can be
used as a floor covering, being much more economical than the floor.
The matte finish is ideal for more discreet environments and helps to
hide slight wall imperfections.
There is no need for finishing and its maintenance and cleaning are
more practical.
Finally, texture is the right choice for those who want to create
different shapes and finishes. There are a multitude of designs for
applying this type of paint, which also offers high durability and
protects the masonry from moisture. Infinity Pro paiting home