Misconceptions about Italian food: answers revealed

Italian restaurant in avalon alpharetta
If you have read this whole article, you will remember the three misconceptions about Italian
food that I mentioned above in the section “Italian food is not what you think”. Don’t feel bad
if you don’t understand them all – they’re popular misconceptions and you’re not alone. Here
they are, explaining:
Why doesn’t my peperoni pizza have a sausage? And hey, why is there only a “p” in that word?
With two Dogs, it’s a spicy sausage in thin slices and one of the most popular pizza toppings
outside Italy. S P, it’s the Italian word for “peppers.” Then the peperoni pizza you ordered will
be covered in chilli. You want something like the cured sausage you love at home? Then you
will want to order piccant salame (hot salami slices).

Where are spaghetti with meatballs on this menu? – Spaghetti with meatballs is an Italian-
American creation and although there are pasta sauces containing meat, Italians tend to eat

meat food separately from pasta. Which means big meatballs wouldn’t serve pasta.