Italian restaurant La Quottidiana Trattoria & Rosticceria

La Quottidiana Trattoria & Rosticceria

Partner of the Alimentaria restaurant and the La Pasta Gialla franchise, chef Sergio Arno
started a new venture in March, this time in Campo Belo. Some objects and details of the
decoration of La Quottidiana came from La Vecchia Cucina, the address that Arno closed in
2011. Here, it has less salty prices than those that prevailed in the old restaurant – most of the
main dishes are between R $ 40 and R $ 50. The Italian menu with traditional recipes brings,
for example, the ravioli del plin, small, of delicate pasta, filled with a well-seasoned mixture of
veal, beef and pork. It pays to invest in the house’s lasagna, with a thin and well-gratin pasta.
For dessert, choose the cream panna cotta, with a very subtle touch of cachaça. In the same
space, there is the rosticeria, which is open from 10 am until 5 pm, where you can buy pasta,
sauces, meats and antipasti. R. Dr. Jesuíno Maciel, 710, Campo Belo, tel. 5093-0773, Since 2013. Tue. Thu. 12h / 14h30 and 19h / 22h30; Fri. 12h / 15h and
19h / 23h; Sat. 12h / 15h30 and 19h / 23h; Sun. 12h / 16h30. Credit: A / D / M / V. Debit: M / R
/ V. Couvert: R $ 8. Entries: R $ 16 to R $ 34. Main dishes: R $ 37 to R $ 75. Desserts: R $ 13 to R
$ 19. Executive menu: R $ 42.90. Valet: R $ 18.