Definitely a must-visit restaurant in Miami ( matter here ).

Which is the best Italian restaurant Roswell ga
Miami’s Zuma is located in the heart of downtown, inside the Epic
Hotel. In the best Izakaya style, the menu offers sophisticated cuisine,
with modern Japanese dishes in a trendy setting. Present in several cities
around the world such as London, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, Bangkok,
Abu Dhabi, it is recognized as one of the best Japanese cuisine restaurants
in the world. The large room is busy, sometimes very noisy, but it pays off
when the dishes reach the table. To get a reservation it is necessary to
make it in advance. Among the special dishes, the selection of sushi with
truffles is a must. There’s king crab from Alaska, Uni, Otoro…Uni Black
Truffle Oiled Rice, sea urchin, is a delight. One of Miami’s most popular
restaurants has queues at the door and prides itself on sticking to it
(which is great!). Much sought after by families looking for their fresh
crab legs, it has a vast menu, with several other options. Outside tables
are great for sunny days without that scorching heat. Before you go, check
the website if the restaurant is open, as it only works in seasons.